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Sources for interesting Seeds

In order to find the most exciting or specific varieties of seeds that are difficult to locate at local nurseries, it is sometimes necessary to order your seeds online. Since it is more affordable to grow plants from seed, ordering online provides excellent opportunities to experiment. Here are some of the seed sources that offer a variety of interesting food, flavor and flower seeds. I suggest you order now as many sites are selling out!

Kitizawa -- order online or request a catalogue, based in Oakland, California

The best source for Asian vegetable and unusual seeds. Many of the Asian vegetables are distinctive selections and, therefore, it is best to get them from a reliable Asian seed source. For example, the Asian eggplant is more delicious than other kinds. You will be amazed if you go to the section called Chef Specialty gardens. Following is a sampling of their collections: Asian Herb Garden, Tropical Garden, Japanese Heirloom Garden, Tsukemono Favorite Pickling Garden, Stir Fry Garden, Juicing Garden, Thai Garden, Microgreens, Korean Cuisine, and more.

Select Seeds -- order online or request a catalogue, based in Union Connecticut

An outstanding source for a variety of vegetable and flower seeds, many are heirloom, organic, fragrant, and open-pollinated. They have some interesting varieties of plants such as amaranth, beans, cleome, a black flowered columbine, a sunset-colored foxglove and Malabar spinach. The Moon Garden Seed Collection has a variety of evening blooming, white fragrant flowers. My own order will definitely include lavender-blue Queen Anne’s lace, ultraviolet cornflower, and Jewel of Africa nasturtium.

Adaptive Seeds -- order online or request a catalogue, based in Sweet Home, Oregon

I learned about this seed source from a person who grows herbs to make beauty products and medicines. They offer selections of plants that are rare, heritage, highly nutritious foods, and others that are higher in certain beneficial compounds. For example, they offer calendula cultivars that have higher amounts of resin in them. I ordered from Adaptive Seeds last year and the seeds were of the highest quality. They all germinated well and grew into strong plants.

Terroir Seeds -- order online or request a catalogue, based in Chino Valley, Arizona

Terroir Seeds won me over when they offered seeds of Espelette/Basque Hot Pepper seed. I was in France and discovered a most incredible spice that French Chef’s treasure called Piment d’Espelette. After quite a search, I finally found a source for the spice online. Then, to my surprise, I found the seed available on Terroir Seeds list. Seeds sell out quickly so don’t wait. Among the many other excellent seeds available, they also have some fun collections such as Salsa Seed Collection, Time for Tea Collection, Feed the Bees, and Butterfly Collection to name just a few.

Hudson Valley Seed Co. -- order online or request a catalogue, based in Accord, New York

Hudson has the most artistic seed packs – they are beautiful garden themed contemporary art with seed stories on them. Many seeds, grown on a sustainable farm, are unique, rare, and hard-to-find. For example, they offer an Andean heirloom purple Peruvian potato, mother of Pearl poppy, many kinds of dahlias, and even a collection called Sow in the Snow.

There are other seed nurseries that are also great including Johnny’s Seed, Seed Saver’s Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, to name a few. Fresh seeds will provide better germination results. If you have extra seed think about exchanging with gardening friends.


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