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Holly Shimizu has published numerous articles and videos on a variety of horticultural topics in national and local publications.


Figgy and Fiona Search for a Home, written and illustrated by Holly Shimizu
Monthly articles in The Echo, a publication of the town of Glen Echo
Contributing author, Living in the Anthropocene – Earth in the Age of Humans, Smithsonian Books

Holly Shimizu’s Video Guide to Growing Herbs

A Botanic Garden for the Nation, Coordinator

Burpee Complete Gardener

Our Gardens and Climate Change
Gardening in Small Spaces

Increasing Biodiversity in our Gardens – Nature in Balance

Herbal Uses of Native Plants

The Best of Flavor and Fragrance

Growing Roses Sustainably

Exciting New Plants

Landscape for Life

...and more


Figgy and Fiona Search for a Home is now available on Amazon! (Hard cover version coming soon)

The story of Figgy and Fiona searching for a home takes you through the risks and rewards of being a frog. After leaving their home, they try to find a safe haven, but the threats are many. Along their journey, they come upon a variety of creatures who will eat them, a barren neighborhood, a bull dozer, and a person spraying his garden to kill insects. Finally, they find a safe haven in the garden of a woman who loves frogs.

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